Golden Retriever Breeders

Legacy Farm Goldens

About the Breeder

Prior to beginning the Legacy Farms breeding program, I mentored with another breeder for several years before breeding my first litter. I researched the bloodlines and worked with my dogs so that all the necessary elements were in place for us to raise pups who would be ready for bright healthy futures. As time has gone on, I have continued to learn more about the lines I am choosing to breed and refining the standards of our program.  

The beginning of a puppy's life is crucial to how they will function in their homes so our entire family works extremely hard for the eight weeks the puppies are with us to ensure they are not only cared for but also spend time being exposed to the noises, smells, and experiences of a busy household. The joy of seeing these new lives develop is a great responsibility which we take seriously.

I hold memberships in the Golden Retriever Club of America, and have been a member of SEVA GRREAT, and am a former volunteer and foster home for GRREAT in the NOVA area. We are located on a 7 acre farm in rural VA where the dogs can run and play with the kids each day and employ our 4 children in socializing, which they are always happy to do!
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