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At Legacy Farm Retrievers, we use a variety of widely accepted behavioral and medical methods both before and after birth up until the puppies leave for their new homes in order to help ensure sound health and temperaments.

With that in mind, I attempt to breed dogs with the following basic qualities:


My Golden Retriever puppies are bred to the breed standard approved by the AKC and the Golden Retriever Dog Club of America, and, are AKC registered. Each of my Golden Retrievers has their health clearances.


It is never a joy to own a dog that has chronic health problems. My puppies come from quality stock and combined with the proper care, nutrition, and veterinary attention will provide a healthy, happy companion for years to come.


My puppies are bred from stock that has demonstrated their intelligence through competition in conformation and performance events. I am proud to have Golden Retrievers in our line performing in obedience competitions, hunting, winning at dog shows, and as wonderful family companions.


My puppies are bred to be confident, loyal, and trusted companions. My dogs are easily trained, and can be taught to do a wide variety of tasks.

Throughout their young lives here at Legacy Farm, my puppies are carefully evaluated to determine which home is the most suitable match. Pet Show/Breeding /Hunting prospects are all determined. Personality as well as physical traits are carefully noted and these observations of temperament not only helps place each puppy in the ‘right’ home, but serve as a basis for puppy training. This program includes socializing with children, basic obedience, and grooming procedures. Each puppy is also introduced to crate training before leaving which greatly simplifies housetraining for the new owner.

Since puppies learn to love their crate for the security and comfort it provides, new owners are encouraged to continue the use of a crate to help prevent accidents in the home and curb unwanted chewing. Crates also prepare your dog for stays at your veterinarian (for neutering) and act as a ‘seat belt’ to protect your dog in a car. And as you travel with your dog, most motels will accept dogs that are crate trained. New owners are expected to continue with established practices of housetraining and obedience training until the puppy becomes a reliable and pleasant companion. I try to raise puppies who are well equipped for their busy life ahead whether it be as a show prospect, or a couch potato, and I continue that process after the puppy is sold through advice to the new owner.

Our Placement Process

  • We reserve a spot on our litter’s wait list with a $500 deposit toward a puppy of a particular gender.
  • Deposits are refundable while my dog is pregnant, but once the puppies are born and I have reserved a puppy just for you the deposit becomes non-refundable. If a litter is born, and there are not enough puppies of the sex you want, then you may transfer your deposit to our next litter, or I will refund your deposit. Your choice.
  • I call or email a few days after the birth and let you know how many puppies were born and their sexes. I send weekly pictures while the pups are growing. All puppies are sold with a “Limited Registration”, meaning not for Show or Breeding. Full Registration is available if both parties agree to special terms.
  • At 5 weeks of age, when the puppies are being weaned, I invite you to schedule a visit to meet all my dogs and see the puppies. Choosing your puppy will be at 8 weeks, and will be in order of deposits.
  • At 7 weeks the puppies are given a complete physical by our veterinarian. At this age, each puppy is also Temperament/Aptitude Tested, and I will have evaluated each puppy and determined which will go to pet, or show/breeding homes..
  • At 8 weeks, I will schedule an appointment, in order of deposits, and together with your family, we will select the best puppy to complement your lifestyle and needs. Upon the sale of a Legacy Farm’s puppy, I provide the following:
  • Shot/worming record.
  • Veterinarian’s physical report.
  • Both parents, copies of the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) certificates on both hips and elbows, copies of CERF Eye Clearances by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, copies of Heart Clearances by a board certified veterinary cardiologist, and copy of the any Championship/title certificate if applicable.  European equivalent certificates will be provided with European line parents.  
  • AKC registration application with limited registration.
  • Pedigree.
  • Sales contract, with a written 3 year health guarantee on hips, elbows eyes, and heart.
  • Microchip and its registration information
  • List of suggested books to learn more about nutrition and training.
  • Health issues and training tips. 
Taking deposits for our next litters expected to go home late summer and Fall 2020!
Please remember that Mother Nature plays a huge role in the breeding of dogs and we cannot guarantee a number of pups or genders in any given litter.  
Thank you for your inquiry about a Legacy Farm’s puppy.
If you wish to pursue purchasing a puppy, you may contact Nicole Melton at 804-380-5473, or email at
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