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Here is what some of our families have said about their Legacy Farm babies!


        We can’t say enough good things about Legacy Farm Goldens.  From the way Nicole managed the process before we picked up Lucia (our puppy) all the way to the pick-up and even after we took Lucia home – the entire process was top notch! 
        While we were waiting for Lucia to turn 8 weeks, Nicole scheduled 5 week visits for all the families.  Each visit was very organized and dedicated so each family could take their time interacting with the puppies.  Outside the visit, Nicole and Aleka helped tame our excitement by sending us weekly pictures and status reports on all the new adventures the puppies were experiencing.  
        Week 8 came and it was pick up time!  While we told Nicole what kind of puppy we looking for the ultimate decision was ours. Nicole went over the temperament testing results and also gave us insight on their personalities - from there we picked our puppy!  After we picked out Lucia, Nicole had all the paperwork ready in a folder that included the family pedigree of Emmy and Sam (aka Mom and Dad) along with the shot records, and microchip registration (YES! Micro-chipping was included). Again, we were so impressed with the entire process and how well it was organized.  
        So homeward bound we were! I must note my husband and I have a six year old golden retriever (Boston). There is no doubt that he’s our baby…..and he knows it. So, introducing another golden into our family was new for us.  We picked Lucia up on a weekend and by that Monday Boston was not so thrilled about her.  I e-mailed Nicole at 9:00 that night and within 15 minutes she was e-mailing me back providing guidance and insight on the interaction between them. The next day, Nicole called me and provided additional insight on what to expect when it comes to the interaction from the two dogs.  To be honest….we didn’t think this was going to work out, but through Nicole’s calming perspective and the amount of experience she’s had with raising goldens this was a game changer for us.  We can’t thank her enough because without her, we wouldn’t have Lucia and Boston wouldn’t have his best friend. 
        Thank you Nicole and Legacy Farm Goldens for the entire experience! 
    -Jen and Steve W. 

My husband and I wanted to thank you for your guidance in choosing our wonderful golden and for the care you provide to your goldens and their litters.  We knew we wanted to stay with your lineage.  Our Jessie, who has the same mom as Emory, is a very sweet and fun-loving girl.  You helped guide us in picking a perfect little boy, he is so very sweet and very smart.  He was practically house-trained the day we brought him home.  With the winter we have had, he did great!  His calm temperament is perfect for our family and our cat is very grateful as well.  Your love of the breed and of your dogs is wonderful, we loved meeting them.  Emory and Madison share in having that sweet temperament.  We loved seeing Sam with his ball, that fun-loving spirit just like our Jessie.    We highly recommend anyone looking for a wonderful golden to come meet you and your goldens!  If only I could have a puppy every year! Thank you so much for carrying on these special goldens
-Cindy and Greg G. 

 "Daisy had us at “hello” with her happy disposition and beautiful color and face.  Nicole put all of our concerns to rest.  She is so knowledgeable about the breed, how they grow and mature, and their health.  She takes such care in matching her puppies with the right families.  She has enormous love for her dogs, and is very conscientious and careful when breeding. She keeps up with the pups and likes to know how they are doing in their new homes. She has always been available to answer any questions or give advice when we needed it, and was very helpful in advising us on how to introduce Nelly to Daisy. They love each other!  She’s the kind of person who treats these dogs like her children. She wants to see pictures as they grow, know about their vet visits, and hear stories about them.  I highly recommend getting your next family member from Nicole Melton and Legacy Farms.  Daisy is so happy (and big), and we are so in love with her! "
- Maryanne and Mike T.

"We have one of Marley’s pups. We got her in Dec 2016. Her name is Taylor and she is the best. She is close to being a certified therapy dog. She loves everyone. We took our time and did research and fell in love with your dogs and your dedication to the breed. We welcome anyone to contact us. ."- Kelley R

"Words can’t explain what an impact Flynn has had on our lives. You know my situation, he’s gone above and beyond what a one year old puppy should endure! He knows when I need hugs and kisses he knows when I need help to get off the floor! He knows how long to stay on the bed at night to wish us both sweet dreams, and he knows how to gently snuggle in the morning to wake us up! I personally never had a dog that would just sit still and let somebody hold them as long as they needed too! The most loving dog I have ever seen!!!!"- Chuck U 


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